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Hi! I am the managing account for the Smarty Symbols Support Team.

Best Strategies for finding the images you need on the Smarty Symbols

You are set to start finding images on our portal, we are confident that we offer an enormous selection of words on our portal. Remember that we are not Google and there are best strategies for finding the images you need on our portal. We would like to offer some tips for finding the [...]

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Featured Smarty Symbols user: Mandi Schaumburg M.S. CCC-SLP

Meet Mandi Schaumburg, a school based speech-language pathologist from Texas and a mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum. She also serves on the Autism Team for her school district. Mandi is the author behind Panda Speech, and more recently a TPT seller. Mandi has been using Smarty Symbols to create her TPT products [...]

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Using visuals to help individuals with Autism

Individuals with autism often have difficulty adapting to changes in routines, transitioning, focusing on tasks, interacting socially, and expressing themselves. Why should I use Visual Supports? Individuals with autism think in a visual way and can easily recall visual images and memories. Using pictures for communication can help increase memory skills, social communication abilities, [...]

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One Hundred images added this week

Last week we announced our revolutionary character choices addition. This week we bring you something new! Don’t you feel like Smarty Symbols got great news coming each week? That’s because we do have some amazing news to share EACH WEEK! We are so happy to share that we added one hundred NEW images to our [...]

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Smarty Symbols brings multi-characters representation to visual supports

How cool would it be to have the same symbol being represented by multiple characters? Very nice, right? Smarty Symbols is proud to announce our latest innovation: One symbol with multiple characters! Why have communication symbols only offered one option of characters for decades? Maybe because Smarty Symbols did not exist yet! Worry not, [...]

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InnerVoice Gives You Increased Ability to Communicate with the Addition of Smarty Symbols and More

San Francisco, CA (originally published on PRWEB) March 10, 2015:  16 months ago InnerVoice, the only app ever to receive an award from MENSA was released. Unlike other Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems, InnerVoice is both an engaging toy and a powerful communication tool with never-before-seen features such as 3D animated self-avatars and remote [...]

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