You are set to start finding images on our portal, we are confident that we offer an enormous selection of words on our portal. Remember that we are not Google and there are best strategies for finding the images you need on our portal. We would like to offer some tips for finding the image you are looking for:

Verbs: Search for verbs in the present tense form. If you are looking for an image of a girl running, you should search the word “run”. Don’t search running or ran.

Plural vs Singular: looking for an image “ Puzzles”? You have a much better chance of finding it by searching “ puzzle” than searching “ puzzles”. While we at times create images of both singular and plural for the words like “ ball” and “ balls”, this is most often not the case. Search singular and you will also get the plurals!

Category names: If you are searching for images of animals, do not type the word “ animals” unless you are looking for that ONE IMAGE that represents the plural word of animal: animals. If you are looking for images of birds, cats, dog or elephant, click on the category area called “ animals”.

Brand Names: We don’t want to get in trouble with the owners of various trademarks. You should not search for words such as McDonalds if you are looking for an image of a hamburger.

Compound words: Let’s say you are not sure how to spell ice cream, you should avoid searching “ice-cream”. How about searching for just the word “ ice” – it should give you a lot of nice results, including ice cream.

Synonyms: Try looking for synonyms of the images you need. Let’s say you are looking for the word “ sip”, if nothing comes up, try looking for “ drink” and you might just find an image of one of our characters sipping a nice drink!

Characters: We don’t create images for famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, sponge bob and others. We don’t want to violet anyone’s copyright or trademark.

Spelling: Unfortunately we don’t have the power to find the word you are looking for if the spelling is not correct. That’s a power companies with lots of money have. If you are unsure of the spelling double check it, and you might be surprised to find the image you were looking for.