CORE VOCABULARY: They are no little things

Our language is made up of small words and enormous words, simple words and complex words, beautiful words and healing words. Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things. I am tempted to think there are no little things. –Bruce Barton.  There are many little words which make up our everyday language, a [...]

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Do Kids With Autism Really Need Routines?

Most of us crave routine of some sort. Whether we enjoy our morning coffee or schedule things in order to get it all done, most of our days follow a usual and predictable ebb and flow. For autistic kids, though, routine is more than a want. For them, it is a need. ROUTINES MAKE [...]

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What is AAC and why you should care if you have a child with Autism

The great Maya Angelou so wisely acknowledged that “Words are things. We must be careful about the words we use. Someday we will be able to measure the power of words.” Can you imagine living in a world where words did not come so easily and communication seemed near impossible? Maya Angelou could. She [...]

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Using visuals to help individuals with Autism

Individuals with autism often have difficulty adapting to changes in routines, transitioning, focusing on tasks, interacting socially, and expressing themselves. Why should I use Visual Supports? Individuals with autism think in a visual way and can easily recall visual images and memories. Using pictures for communication can help increase memory skills, social communication abilities, [...]

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