Creative ideas to use visual support in speech therapy

Creative Ideas to Use Visuals Support in Speech Therapy Visual support is everywhere! We use them every day even if we don't label what we see visual supports. You use visual support every time you look for a restroom at an airport! Check out this webinar by Speech-Language Pathologist Miranda Van Dunk: Miranda Van Dunk is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Smarty Symbols consultant.  You can watch her give incredible creative ideas to utilize visual support: [...]

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What are Social Stories and How does it Benefit a Child with Autism?

As parents, we use casual expressions with children that are mostly of a different nature: "quiet sound", "don't touch" and "play nicely". But what do these sentences really mean for an autistic child? Social situations and all the expected behaviors that accompany them are difficult for autistic children, and "playing nice" simply does not provide all the information the child needs to respond properly. Fortunately, the concept of social stories was devised by Carol Gray in 1991, and [...]