We all love free classroom materials. That’s why we took the time today to have some fun and spend some time on keynote creating some awesome classroom signs for you. You can download any or all of these signs in a variety of formats or even as images.

If you are feeling inspired like we were today, you can even use some of the files we have provided as a basis in which you create modifications that would fit your needs better. For example, you can use the “computer lab” sign and replace it with ” We are in recess” and replace the picture with our recess image.The power point or keynote file give you the freedom to modify and create a whole new sign.

It took us approximately 20 minutes to create all these four signs you see here, modifying any of them would be super easy, especially if you are a Smarty Symbols subscriber.

Free Classroom Signs - by Smarty Symbols.003 Free Classroom Signs - by Smarty Symbols.005 Free Classroom Signs - by Smarty Symbols.004 Free Classroom Signs - by Smarty Symbols.002