Free Core Board Download

Free Core Board Download

We have created this incredible core vocabulary visual support that includes Smarty Symbols. You can download and use as you need with your students or your own child. To download, simply tap on the image below and you will be redirected to a page to download a pdf file which you can print. On our website you can access the images use to create this board and other 23,000 images. You can create custom materials in less than a couple minutes using our simple drag and drop templates.


There are several ways to use this resource. You can make a poster and put on the wall for reference of the vocabulary, you can also print on a regular page and cut individual cells to laminate as you work on the specific core vocabulary words.


This core board was created using Smarty Symbols and we generated a Pdf file. While you can’t edit this specific file, you can create your very own core board using our images directly on our website. All the images used on this board would be available to you, so you can create any material you can image.

Download here

Start creating your custom material with Smarty Symbols today:


  • Unlimited Daily Download of 21000 images
  • Access the printing Center and Download
  • Use images and materials with your students


  • Same benefits as monthly
  • Save over 50% the monthly costs
  • Backed by 30 days money back
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