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Welcome to the affordable visual support portal: Smarty Symbols Image Club

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The download hub includes over 19000 images. You can search images by relevant educational categories, sounds, and keywords. Download the images on to your computer and use them on programs such as word, pages, or powerpoint.

The images are organized into educational relevant categories such as animals, sight words, core vocabulary, and more…

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Use our printing center to create printable activities such as bingo, visual scripts, matching cards, and many other visual support materials. Our easy drag and drop tool allows you to select from our images, edit background and text and have an activity ready to be printed and used within minutes.

Our printing center is easy to use, intuitive and yet very customizable.

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Once your create an activity you can save it within our files and even share with others in our community. One advantage is that you also get to access activities created by others within our community.

The sharing center is the ideal place to gather ideas from other users, or even to discover activities ready made to use.


Subscribe today and start taking advantage of our portal. Save up to 50% when you pay yearly for your subscription.

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( Less than $3.75/ month)

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( Total: $108/year)

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