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**Please realize that although we take all of your suggestions seriously, we cannot, however, promise that any word, phrase or even specific suggestion will be implemented as we must make frequent judgment calls as a company for what we feels is best for the site and other that will be using that image. This is NOT a custom graphics design company.

Thank you for taking the time to submit an image request. Your feedback helps us improve the experience of all users. Due to the high volume of requests that we receive, we have found the need to implement a few guidelines and an official request form in order to improve the efficiency of producing new images that our customers want.

We ask that you please follow the following guidelines when making a request for an image:

When we design our images, we want to fill a void focusing on creating images for vocabulary words or short phrases instead of just creating images that represent similar ideas. This is something we leave to companies that do clipart images in general. Our goal is to focus on building vocabulary within our library.

Example A: you should NOT request “steps to riding a bike” but rather make individual requests for each step as they would be their own picture “wear helmet”, “ mount on bike”, “ride bike”, “take off helmet”, etc…

Example B : do NOT request “cute girl holding a flower”. Rather “hold flower” or “pick flower” and you can add your suggestions to the on steps 2 and 3 of our form.

For example: you should always search or request for the verb to be “run” NOT “running” , “runs” or “ran”.

Example A: accidentally searching for “icecream” when you needed to search “ice cream” . Please take the extra moment to verify the spelling (in standard North American English) or search based off a smaller word to reduce (like “ice” on the above example) to reduce accidental errors.

We have a variety of characters within our library. We aim to provide representation of vocabulary words or phrases while making sure not all characters are young Caucasian male. We have been building up characters choices for the same concept within Action words and pronouns. You should not expect character choices for ALL fifteen thousand images, the choices are solely for action words and pronouns as of right now.

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