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Your school or district can save big with a Smarty Symbols subscription for the entire staff.

We are so excited to offer Smarty Symbols to school districts. Dozens of school districts already have access to our portal. Within our portal, teachers can create a variety of visual support materials for their students, download educational relevant  images, and access materials created by teachers around the world.

Checkout some materials that other users have created on our portal. Teachers who become subscribers of our portal can download materials created by other teachers, as well as create their own custom material.

Click on the images below to visualize the file:

Schedule visual support


Clothing activity


Farm animals book


Cooking flashcards


You can send your Purchase Order in several ways:

You can email it to: po@smartysymbols.com

You can also mail it to:

Smarty Symbols
PO Box 1134,
Rowlett, TX 75030
 If you have mailed your purchase order and have not heard from us within 5 business days, just send us an email.

When you submit your purchase order please include the first and last name of each teacher as well as the teacher’s email. If you are sending a purchase order for more than one teacher, please include the name and emails of each of the teachers on the purchase order. Each teacher will have their own account on our system.

If you have any questions on concerns you may call us at (214) 600-8347