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Are you wasting money with clipart sets you won’t use again?


Imagine being able to create nearly any product imaginable without being restricted to which image you own or not. Seems like a dream come true to many Teachers Pay Teachers sellers. A commercial subscription to Smarty Symbols gives you access to 30,000 images which can be used on your new and existing products.

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A subscription to Smarty Symbols will change the way you create products. You will stop creating a product to fit the images you own, or buying a set of images just for that one image you were looking for. The possibilities are endless.

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Smarty Symbols has become an indispensable tool in making my TeachersPayTeachers products. No matter how much clip art I look at, it never covers all the needs I have for my special education resources. But Smarty Symbols does. And finding clip art for my middle and high school students that isn’t cutesy, is critical for my products for the older students. Smarty Symbols solves that problem for me. And I love their easy-to-understand terms of use for commercial products….makes it so much easier to just create!


When I found smarty symbols, I found the answer to my clipart dilemmas. A huge array of meaningful, quality, education/therapy-based clipart all in one place! Thank you!


Smarty Symbols has been the best investment I have made since starting my teacherprenuer venture, however, not only has it made a massive difference to my teacher seller journey, it has also made a huge difference with my students in class. The symbols are clear and consistent yet eye catching and engaging for students to use. Smarty Symbols provide such an easy to understand license when it comes to using their symbols commercially at a great price, they were the best option for me when I considered a license for using symbols commercially, nobody else is on their level, plus they are always so quick to respond to any questions you may have – or requests. If you’re thinking about investing in Smarty Symbols but umm-ing and ahh-ing like I was at first – stop over thinking and just invest! The worst thing I did was not invest sooner in my teacherprenuer journey because the quality of my resources, thanks to these symbols, has sky rocketed since I invested.


Smarty Symbols is my “go to” company for symbol supports for my moderate to severe special education classroom and for my Teachers Pay Teachers products. Smarty Symbols is affordable, easy to use, and has an abundance of symbols for various topics and subject areas. I especially appreciate that all the symbols are accessible from the website so that I can download symbols from my home or classroom.

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