expressions-sticker-now-availableWe are so trilled to announce that we have joined the Apple developer program and we now have our first Sticker app available to download. If you are not familiar with the brand new category created by Apple called Stickers, let us give you a general overview.

When you send text messages now from an Apple device you are able to also send Stickers. These Stickers can be animated or not, but they add a special touch to communication via text messages.


Apple now allows developers to upload apps to a very different category, which is the Stickers category. These apps will only appear when you actually use the iMessage app. They don’t even appear among your regular apps on your device.


Smarty Symbols plans on releasing a series of iMessage Sticker apps, which will allow anyone to start using our symbols as means of communication.

The idea has always fascinated us, because we hope that it will eventually make our symbols a tool used by anyone, not just those who really need visual support to communicate. We are taking this opportunity very seriously.


Our first Sticker set called ” Expressions TextPix” contains over 100 symbols within our Expressions category.

You can download the Expressions TextPix to your iPad or iPhone for only $1.99 here:


Once you download the app you have to activate it on your iMessages for it to display.