Give me a little information on yourself and your TPT store.

My name is Kristine and I am a preschool SLP!  I work in a public school in New Jersey just about 10 minutes from where I grew up.  This is my 10th year (CRAZY!) as an SLP and I LOVE it more and more each day. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and a Masters Degree from Nova Southeastern University.  I have been very fortunate to have worked in many different settings with various populations but my heart has always lead me back to preschool.  Hands on activities and incorporating cooking & sensory activities into therapy and the classroom have all been extremely important and beneficial to me and my students.

I am a PROUD momma to a 4 year old BEAUTIFUL boy named Landon. Paul, Landon, and our long-haired mini dachshund make up my little family and they are what drive me to keep pushing myself each and every day. We love doing anything outdoors especially spending time down the shore. In my “down time” I’m normally curled up on the couch working on my blog, TpT activities, drinking a glass of red wine and watching Netflix!

I started blogging in Fall 2014.  It was a slow start but I just wanted to be able to share my therapy ideas with the SLP and SPED world. The SLP community is amazing and sharing techniques, ideas, activities, etc. is something I am so proud and passionate about.  That also goes for creating valuable resources, visuals, and materials.  I wouldn’t consider myself the most crafty person in the world BUT I do have a few tricks/ideas up my sleeve. I always found myself needing something “new” and engaging to use with my students which lead me to starting my very own TpT store. It has been quite the journey and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing!


What do you like about Smarty Symbols?

We know that using more visual stimuli not only motivates children with limited verbal communication but also provides meaning and gives them a “voice”. The best part is, these visual supports can be used across multiple settings like school, home, work, and within the community. Smarty Symbols hits the nail on the head with all of those points! They also have various characters to represent the different ages and ethnicities of our clients/students which is extremely important when individualizing materials. As an SLP, I love that there are categories such as sign language, speech therapy, feelings, and action words which work perfectly for my students and materials.

What is the most popular product you have created and why do you think it is so popular? 

The most popular product in my TpT store is Grab N’ Go Basic Concepts {Temporal, Spatial, Qualitative, Quantitative}. I use this product constantly with my preschoolers! I believe this and all of my Grab N’ Go activities are so popular because of the convenience! Whether you are a traveling SLP or often push-in to the classroom, there is nothing easier than grabbing these cards, throwing them in a bag, and providing effective therapy! This product can be used for on-the-go therapy, RTI, centers, and in-class therapy sessions. Students love using magnetic chips, bingo daubers, play-doh, or dry erase markers to choose the correct answers.

Where do you get inspiration for creating activities?

I am inspired almost daily to create new and engaging activities! Whether it is working with my preschoolers on a goal or objective in their IEPs or even at home working with my own preschool son, my wheels are always turning. It’s extremely important for me to have valuable and reliable resources that are not only fun but will help everyone communicate and succeed!

What is your favorite item you’ve made with Smarty Symbols?

This is a tough one but if I have to choose I would say my favorite TpT activity that I have created is my Grab N’ Go “WH” Questions. There are two levels and is perfect for students working on answering “WH” questions including WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY as well as expanding utterances and labeling nouns/actions.

How has Smarty Symbols impacted the way you create your materials?

Smarty Symbols has honestly been amazing! I am able to create materials that represent each individual student which is so important when it comes to communicating and learning. I can quickly make a visual, schedule, token board, etc. because of the large amount of images in the Smarty Symbols library.

What is your favorite item you’ve seen someone else make with Smarty Symbols? 

A favorite of mine is the AAC Starter Kit For Special Education & Students With Autism created by Felice from The Dabbling Speechie. It has all the visuals and core boards I need no matter what activity I am doing with my preschool students.