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Learn more about how Smarty Symbols can be used to create visual schedules, social stories, and more

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What can you create with Smarty Symbols Studio?

What can you create with Smarty Symbols Studio?

Communication Boards

These can help students understand and manage the daily events and routines. They are particularly useful for students with autism or other communication disorders.


Visual flashcards can be used for a variety of purposes, such as vocabulary building, categorization activities, articulation therapy or social-emotional learning.

Visual Schedules

These can help students understand and manage the daily events and routines. They are particularly useful for students with autism or other communication disorders.

Social Stories

These can help children understand social interactions, situations, behaviors, or concepts, which might be challenging for them.

Custom Classroom Activities

This could include board games, dice games, or sequencing activities that are created to specifically cater to the learning needs and interests of the students.

Create a Variety of Learning and Communication Materials

Solutions for School Districts & Group Access

See for yourself why Smarty Symbols Studio is a game-changer in special education, empowering educators globally.

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What are users saying?

I love the variety of symbols, with more being added regularly, as I can always count on finding a great image. The website is so easy to use and the support is amazing! It is well worth the subscription price!

Linda Looks, Looks Like Language

When I found smarty symbols, I found the answer to my clipart dilemmas. A huge array of meaningful, quality, education/therapy-based clipart all in one place! Thank you!

Susan Aoki-Willis, Speech Material Girl

I have been extremely happy with my subscription. It has allowed me the freedom to finally create my own materials for the classroom without having to wait for my turn with the PECS disk.

Joan R., Sped Teacher

I am so glad I found Smarty Symbols! One price; no licensing fees or royalties to pay. And the selection of images is great. I love that there are different characters, so you can tailor your resources to match the students you work with. As an AAC specialist, I use symbols in EVERYTHING, so I love that I have a great pool of images to choose from.

Susan Berkowitz, TPT Seller

I love the ease of finding the images I need for my products, especially with the custom categories Smarty Symbols already has set up! It is so much quicker and more efficient to find what I am looking for than all of the other image websites I have tried. I would definitely recommend a Smarty Symbols subscription to a friend.

Natalie Snyders, TPT Seller