Our commitment to fostering meaningful connections and breaking communication barriers drives us to provide tailored solutions that cater to diverse educational needs.Whether you’re an educator looking to create personalized visual materials or a speech therapist seeking effective language development tools, we have the solutions you need. Explore our range of impactful solutions below and discover how Smarty Symbols can elevate your educational journey.

AAC Myths Busted

AAC Myths Busted Separating Myths from Facts During AAC Awareness Month Communication is a fundamental human need, and yet, many misunderstand or are unaware [...]

36 Location Board with Smarty Symbols: Free Download

Dive into the vibrant world of communication with our FREE 36 Location Board, enriched with the beloved Smarty Symbols imagery. Don't miss out on this unique tool, designed to amplify voices and bridge communication gaps. Download now and explore the power of core vocabulary, Smarty Symbols style!

Inclusive ABA Practices: Using Visual Supports to Foster Engagement and Participation

Welcome to the world of Inclusive ABA Practices, where visual supports unlock possibilities for every individual. Join Smarty Symbols Studio as we explore personalized communication boards, engaging social stories, and empowering visual schedules. With over 30,000 diverse symbols, let's celebrate the magic of visual supports and foster an inclusive learning environment for all.

Free downloads of classroom signs

We all love free classroom materials. That's why we took the time today to have some fun and spend some time on keynote creating some awesome classroom signs for you. You can download any or all of these signs in a variety of formats or even as images. If you are feeling inspired like we were today, you can even use some of the files we have provided as a basis in which you create modifications that would fit your needs better. For example, you can use the "computer lab" sign and replace it with " We are in recess" and replace the picture with our recess image.The power point or keynote file give you the freedom to modify and create a whole new sign.

The Magic of Bingo in Learning: Ideas In the Classroom & at Home – Free Download

I know how you’re feeling: The kids they need a day off (or is it you?), or they just need to have some fun with what they’re working on, but they still need to be learning something. We have just what you need: and Bingo is its Name-O Smarty Symbols has a built in Bingo Template in the “Printing Center” It’s really easy to use, and an awesome tool for any parent, teacher, SLP, or someone who just needs an activity for an event. Just click on the “printing center” button on the top blue bar. It will bring you to a new menu where you will select “from template”; find the “bingo” template and press “apply”. Now its just up to your imagination… but if your imagination is struggling we’ve decided to give you a few ideas:

End the School Year on the Right Note

Has it been a rough year? Did not everything go quite as planned? Not to worry because I’m sure you’ve hear the expression: “It’s not about how you start its how you finish.” Memory is a funny thing and sometimes we remember just how things ended so much more clearly than how they began. Now is a moment that you can connect on a deeper level for one last time with students, teachers, parents by recognizing the best in them . Symbolic Certificates of Positive Qualities— It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, we all like to know what people like about us. I’vs seen variations of this activity work well with elementary, middle school and High school students; I’ve even seen it work with college students (really they can eat it up just like they were 5 again)

Do Kids With Autism Really Need Routines?

Do Kids with Autism Really Need a Routine? In today's understanding of neurodiversity, recognizing the unique needs and strengths of individuals with autism has never [...]

Who is Kristine Lindsay

Meet one of our TPT Authors Partners Meet Kristine, a passionate preschool Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with a decade of experience. Based in New Jersey, Kristine [...]

Ataxia and Communication

Ataxia and Communication Ataxia, a term perhaps unfamiliar to many, is a medical condition that poses significant challenges to muscle control, affecting not just physical [...]


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