Our commitment to fostering meaningful connections and breaking communication barriers drives us to provide tailored solutions that cater to diverse educational needs.Whether you’re an educator looking to create personalized visual materials or a speech therapist seeking effective language development tools, we have the solutions you need. Explore our range of impactful solutions below and discover how Smarty Symbols can elevate your educational journey.

Are Communication Boards effective?

Are Communication Boards effective? Communication boards significantly enhance the language skills of non-verbal individuals, alleviate communication-related anxieties, and elevate user safety and satisfaction. Studies from [...]

Why Every Elementary School Teacher needs access to Visual Support

Visual support uses visual items like pictures and signs to enhance communication, especially in education settings. Many people, including 65% of the population, benefit from visual aids in learning. These aids assist in clarifying instructions, supporting dyslexic students, and elucidating language nuances. Tools like Smarty Symbols offer a vast array of images for teachers, fostering a richer, more inclusive learning environment.

Free Coronavirus Social Stories to Download

Free Coronavirus Social Stories to Download In these unprecedented times, it's essential for children and individuals with special needs to understand and navigate the complexities [...]

36 Location Board with Smarty Symbols: Free Download

Dive into the vibrant world of communication with our FREE 36 Location Board, enriched with the beloved Smarty Symbols imagery. Don't miss out on this unique tool, designed to amplify voices and bridge communication gaps. Download now and explore the power of core vocabulary, Smarty Symbols style!

Do Kids With Autism Really Need Routines?

Do Kids with Autism Really Need a Routine? In today's understanding of neurodiversity, recognizing the unique needs and strengths of individuals with autism has never [...]

Free Core Board Download

Discover our FREE Core Vocabulary Visual Support featuring Smarty Symbols! A versatile tool designed to boost communication effectiveness, it's easy to download, print, and use right away. Plus, learn how to customize your own core boards with our extensive library of over 31,000 images. Empower your communication journey today

Introducing the Multilingual Magic of Smarty Symbols Studio

Introducing Smarty Symbols Studio's newest feature: seamless text translation into multiple languages. Catering to today's diverse classrooms and therapy sessions, this feature ensures effective communication, personalized learning, and an inclusive environment for all. Dive in to explore how this tool is revolutionizing education and therapy for educators, therapists, and students alike.

Who is Kristine Lindsay

Meet one of our TPT Authors Partners Meet Kristine, a passionate preschool Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with a decade of experience. Based in New Jersey, Kristine [...]

Inclusive ABA Practices: Using Visual Supports to Foster Engagement and Participation

Welcome to the world of Inclusive ABA Practices, where visual supports unlock possibilities for every individual. Join Smarty Symbols Studio as we explore personalized communication boards, engaging social stories, and empowering visual schedules. With over 30,000 diverse symbols, let's celebrate the magic of visual supports and foster an inclusive learning environment for all.

Ataxia and Communication

Ataxia and Communication Ataxia, a term perhaps unfamiliar to many, is a medical condition that poses significant challenges to muscle control, affecting not just physical [...]


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