Refund Policy

Important Information for all users:

We appreciate your interest in subscribing to our image service and we believe in providing the best service possible. If you are not happy with our service or think that this is not quite what you expected canceling is always the first step to avoid any future charges that may not be refundable. Canceling the subscription BEFORE the renewal date is your responsibility. You can easily do it at any time, without having to ever contact us.

All users and subscribers to Smarty Symbols agreed to the terms set forth on this page prior to subscribing to our service.  These terms were available on the subscription form sign up upon every new subscription.

Please remember that “not using the subscription for X amount of time” does not entitle you to a refund. Refunds are issued on an individual basis only in case of website malfunction or service interruption. Smarty Symbols is a subscription as a service, which means you are paying to have access anytime to our service, regardless of whether or not you use it. That’s how all subscription services work. Imagine subscribing to a magazine and requesting a refund for the past 6 months for not reading it. We offer the service and once you subscribe it is up to you to use it whenever you need. You pay us to make the service available to you, and we hope you take full advantage of the great service we offer. We will NOT issue any refunds requested  past 48 hours from the date of your last charge. Only your last charge will be refunded (if requested within 48 hours from the charge). It is YOUR responsibility to cancel the subscription prior to the renewal date  if you don’t plan on using it anymore.

Standard subscriptions ( Personal/Teacher Subscriptions)

1. Monthly  or yearly subscription can be canceled at any time, when you
cancel your subscription at any time and you will not be charged for any
future payments. You can cancel your subscription hassle free by accessing the “Manage Subscription” section on the lower part of of the website.

2. Re-bills are non-refundable unless required by law. Re-bills are defined as any charge made after your first charge. You are responsible for canceling your subscription prior to your next charge to avoid any future charges. We recommend that you cancel your subscription 24 hours prior to your next due date in order to avoid a charge.

3- Initial payments  can receive a full refund if you have not downloaded more than 5 images, or if you have not created more than five materials on our system. Initial payments are defined as the very first payment you have made to Smarty Symbols the very first time you subscribe to our platform. Refunds MUST be requested within the first 5 days of the original charge. If you fail to request the refund within the first 5 days of any charges we are unable to process a refund.  This allows you to test our system and make a decision on whether or not the system is useful to you. Refunds MUST be requested within 5 days from the last charge. As an example, If you subscribed on the 1st of January, with a monthly subscription, you can request for a refund until February 10th if you did not download any images, or create any materials within that time frame. We will refund any charges made within 5 days of requesting the refund.

3. If you make more than 5 downloads or create more than five activities on the printing center we are unable to issue you a refund at any time.

4. For initial yearly subscription ( does not apply to renewals): refunds of the very first payment can be requested during the first 5 days only if no more than 5 images were downloaded or less than five activities were created. Any refund request beyond 5 days of the initial charge will be denied regardless of reason. Please take your time to try the system within the five days, if unhappy please send us a message right away.

Smarty Symbols follows industry standard refund policies for subscription services. Once you cancel your services with us, you will not be charged again.

Commercial licenses

Canceling the subscription BEFORE the renewal date is your responsibility. You can easily do it at any time, without having to ever contact us.

1. You are able to cancel monthly or yearly commercial subscriptions  at any time by visiting the “Manage Subscription” section; however you are no-longer allowed to continue creating and posting new products. You must also delete all downloaded image from you computer.

2. Monthly commercial subscription are not eligible for refunds of any kind.

3. Yearly subscriptions can request a full refund of any charges made within the last 48 hours if you have not downloaded any images in the last 48 hours and if you have not posed any products for sale in the last 48 hours. Refunds must be requested within 48 hours of payment made.

4. Users are only allowed to request refund one time.

5. If you have taken advantage of our Commercial License free 5 day trial, it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription before your free trial period expire and the charge applies on the 5th day. Refunds will only be processed in case of website malfunction. We believe 120 hours is enough time for you to make sure you explore the site and decide to continue using our images on your materials.

At the end, we want to offer a truly amazing service for everyone, so if you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us and we can talk about how we can
assist you!