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Basic Overview of the Activity Library

The power of the community can be seen within the activity library. Users can preview the work done by teachers around the world, download and use these materials in the classroom with their students. The activity library can also serve as a source of inspiration for teachers, who scrolling through others’ work can find just what they needed to inspire them to create their own material for their students. You can watch the following video tutorial that shows an [...]

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Smarty Symbols releases its first Sticker app for iMessage: Expressions TextPix

We are so trilled to announce that we have joined the Apple developer program and we now have our first Sticker app available to download. If you are not familiar with the brand new category created by Apple called Stickers, let us give you a general overview. When you send text messages now from an Apple device you are able to also send Stickers. These Stickers can be animated or not, but they add a special touch to communication [...]

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AAC Color Conventions: Action Words

There are two main color conventions when it comes to how words are organized into alternative communication systems: The Modified Fitzgerald Key and the Goossens,’ Crain, and Elder. When we color code the communication systems, we allow users to find these words more easily within the screen. Regardless on which convention you decide to use, it would be important to remain consistent as the users progress or even as you switch between devices or communication support systems. Check out the [...]

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Understanding MONTHLY vs YEARLY subscription plans

Dear Subscribers and Future Subscribers, Recently, we've gotten some questions about the monthly vs. yearly subscription choices, as well as the differences between commercial and non-commercial subscriptions. To help you make the best choice for you, we've put together some information and tips. We hope this information will help answer your questions and make you feel confident about your choices when it comes to your Smarty Symbols subscription!   Plan Options: Our website offers four subscription options: commercial [...]

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Meet the author of Mrs. D’s Corner

Meet Stephanie DeLussey, an Elementary Life Skills Teacher (Grades 1-4) and author of Mrs. D’s Corner, a blog and store at the Teachers Pay Teachers website . She has been creating materials for the TPT store and blogging since 2011. It is our pleasure to feature her on our blog today. Name of Blog/Topic of Blog: Mrs. D’s Corner Links to TPT or other store: Mrs. D’s Corner Favorite part of job: I secretly enjoy all of the paperwork. Hardest part of [...]

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Meet the person behind Simply Special Ed

Meet Alyssa Zimini, a Severe Special Education Teacher from Massachusetts. She has been creating and blogging for a little over a year now. She has always loved special education and always knew that she would be working with this population since she was a little girl. She started out my journey with a Communication Disorders undergrad degree and got her masters in severe disabilities soon after. We love that she works in the classroom every day with communication in mind! Alyssa is [...]

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