“A parent was asked to share the most helpful thing that she had tried with her son with Autism. She replied that a visual schedule has been the key to increasing his independence and managing his anxiety.”

Indiana Resource Center for Autism
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What are visual supports?


Let’s think of visual support as anything that can help any of us get things done, or feel better just by looking at it. Adults can use written information on a calendar to help them plan and manage their day or their entire year. Just like these visual strategies help the life of many adults, children with autism have shown to greatly benefit from a variety of visual support materials. There are a variety of visual support materials that can be created by parents to help children at home. Some of these visual support are called visual schedules, which can tell children what will happen next. Some visual support can also be used to help children understand the world around them and communicate using a picture exchange system. Here are some reasons to use visual support for children with autism:

  • Help with reducing anxiety

  • Help the child express her wants and needs

  • Help children learn new words

  • Encourage the child to recognize words and begin to read

  • Implement a reward system at home

  • Create games and a variety of activities

“Faherty (2000) has suggested that visual schedules may be more important to use at home than at school.”

Faherty, C. (2000) Aspergers: What Does it Mean to Me? Arlington, TX: Future Horizons


We provide a place where parents can create visuals schedules and activities using 35000

symbols and with the use of a variety of templates create

custom visual support materials for their child.

Our templates are highly customizable and easy to use. 

  • Gain access to hundreds of ready made materials by other parents or educators

  • Create your own visual scheduled and get the kids organized

  • Sign up and create your first material to print in minutes

  • Select from a variety of templates to create materials

  • Simple drag and drop tools

  • Create resources that your child needs

What is included with my subscription?

Join more than 1000 other parents and start creating custom learning materials for your own child today.

“Autism is part of my child. It’s not everything he is. My child is so much more than a diagnosis.”
-S.L. Coelho


  • Access to 30000 images
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  • Simple drag and drop tools
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