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  1. Getting Started with Smarty Symbols

This video will give you a brief overview of every aspect of the studio. We highly recommend that you watch this video before starting using Smarty Symbols studio to create resources.

2. Downloading your 1st images

Learn the best way to find and download images that can used in 3rd party programs.

3. Creating your 1st Resources on Smarty Symbols

This is a brief overview of how to create your very first resource on the printing center.

4. Creating your 1st Interactive Game

Learn how to create interactive games to use on screen

Printing Center Features:

5. How to Edit Text on Your Resource

When you are creating a new resource, you may want to change the text on it. This tutorial will guide you through this process.

6. How to automatically translate your resource into other languages

We offer 7 different language options to automatically translate your resource into.

7. Text to Symbol

Learn how to type in text and have image automatically appear above them

8. Uploading your Own Images

If you would like to use your own images on our studio. Learn how!

9. How to Edit Resources

Learn how to edit the resources on the community library.

Extra Services We Offer:

How to request a new image

If there is a vocabulary that does not exist on our library. Our team is ready to create it. Learn more about the process here.

How to create a playground communication board

Checkout this great recorded webinar on how to create a playground communication board.

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