University Access Program

Empowering the Next Generation of Educators and Therapists with FREE Access

Our goal is to foster a new generation of professionals who are equipped, ready, and inspired to make a real difference in their fields. By doing this, we hope to help shape a future where communication is inclusive, accessible, and empowering for everyone


The Root of Our Mission

We are thrilled to offer this unique opportunity to academic institutions around the globe. Designed to foster the future leaders in education, special education, speech pathology, and occupational therapy, our program provides both faculty members and students with comprehensive access to our solution. Experience firsthand the advantages of seamlessly integrating visual supports and communication tools into your curriculum, thereby empowering students to plan and execute effective therapy sessions and promote inclusive education.

Why We Are Doing This?

At Smarty Symbols, we deeply believe in the transformative power of education and communication. We understand the immense potential that future educators and therapists carry, and our commitment is to foster this potential from the very start. The University Partnership Program is our initiative towards this commitment. By equipping the teachers and therapists of tomorrow with the tools they need today, we are investing in a future where communication is more accessible, inclusive, and empowering for everyone

Empowering Education Through Innovation

Over the years, Smarty Symbols evolved from a digital library into a robust web-based platform—the Smarty Symbols Studio. Equipped with a powerful activity designer, it empowers educators, speech therapists, families, and special education professionals to create personalized visual materials with ease. Our library of over 30,000 symbols and more than 10,000 ready-made activities streamlines resource creation and enhances inclusive learning experiences.

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