Frequently Asked Questions2018-11-13T10:19:29-04:00
What if I want to create a communication board for other community locations such as a church, waterpark, museum, etc?2022-04-13T16:39:55-04:00

We have started designing communication boards with vocabulary to better serve all public spaces. Contact us and we would be happy to work with you on a design for your community.

What is the typical turnaround for a communication board production?2022-07-27T16:50:13-04:00

If you are ordering a sign without any special customizations, we will begin production of the sign within 24 hours. Your sign should be mailed to you within 4 to 5 (weekdays). Shipping timelines will depend on your location. If you will be adding any logos, production time will start within 48 hours from when we receive the high resolution image of the logos you would like to include on the board. “In the case of customizing vocabulary with vocabulary” If you are customizing vocabulary within the Smarty Symbols library, you will receive the symbol options within 48 hours to approve and design will begin shortly after.

Do you guys accept purchase orders for your community displays?2022-07-27T16:54:05-04:00


We accept purchase orders. You can email your purchase order to us. Once we receive your purchase order, we will generate an invoice which must be paid before we can produce your sign

Do you guys work with Custom Orders?2022-04-13T16:26:20-04:00

Yes! We would be more than happy to provide you with a custom design for community communication board project. Customization can include: Drawing a brand new icon to match a specific playground item, or vocabulary in your community. We can also customize the text box areas with custom text. Default customizations which can be easily added without contacting our team includes: Adding a logo for community sponsors, city and state in which your board will be located. Let us work on your next community communication display. Contact our team at [email protected] for more details.

How do I place a purchase order for 1 user?2022-03-22T10:42:13-04:00

We have a required of minimum purchase order of two users. If you are purchasing access for one user, please create an account using a credit or debit card directly on our website. An alternative to this would be to send out an email to the staff and find an additional educator interested in gaining access to Smarty Symbols. We would also be happy to schedule a training session for your staff in order to identify additional interested educators. Just email us at [email protected]

How do I automatically translate a communication board?2022-03-16T23:45:28-04:00

One of the best features within the Smarty Symbols platform is the ability to automatically translate visual support materials created in English into one of the eight languages we provide.

Do you partner with colleges and universities?2022-03-16T21:06:57-04:00

We absolutely do! In fact, we would love to help students get trained using Smarty Symbols during their education. This way they can learn how to create communication boards easily. We offer FREE access for students and AAC faculty for the duration of the student’s training. If you are a student, please let your professor know that all they have to do is contact us.

If you are a faculty, all we need is an excel file with names and emails of students and they will be given free access for the direction of their program.

Can I upload a resource for free on Telehealth Platforms?2022-03-16T20:40:40-04:00

When you create a resource on Smarty Symbols, you are free to use this resource only with your students. Uploading and sharing the pdf or individual images with your colleagues on tele heath platforms so that they can use with their own students is strictly prohibited. Each clinician must own their own access to Smart Symbols. If your Telehealth company has shared any pdf using Smarty Symbols, please notify them that this is not allowed without a direct partnership with our company. If you would like to learn about partnerships please contact our team.

Can I use Smarty Symbols to create boom cards?2021-02-10T19:57:32-04:00

Depends. If you area an established TPT seller (with at least a ten productions for sale), you may obtain a commercial license from us first. A separate contract is required to allow you to post a boom learning production for sale. You may NOT upload our images on boom learning without an active TPT seller license and an executed contract. However, you must contact our team for more details: [email protected]

How do I change the text on the printing center?2022-03-16T20:58:10-04:00

Once you add the image to the cell, you can click on the image to make any edits. You can also change the text or completely remove it by clicking on the text to edit it:

I requested images, why can I not find my requested images?2017-09-27T04:23:19-04:00
We love receiving requests for new images. However, we are not a custom image design company. As you can imagine this would cost a lot per image. What we do is to fill the gap in our vocabulary ( if we don’t actually have a representation for that image) so that everyone can express themselves in every way possible.
For example, if you looked for “ sleep” and we did’t already have that target word, we create it. At times, we have “sleep” but not every possible meaning of that word. Which we also would create. Our goal is on vocabulary building, not creating custom images for every client.
We currently have over 10,000 words on our list and we prioritize them based on searches that, a. seem to really be essential and b. would benefit others.
Additionally, each image created has to be sent to the copyright office for protection before we can post it online. So, the process for a new image is lengthy and it may take a few months for any new image to be added to the website.
Do you guys accept purchase orders?2017-09-13T17:21:37-04:00

Yes! In fact we love them. Ask your school district to either upload one to our website on our contact page here: ( scroll down to see a place to upload the file).

Alternatively, they can also email us at [email protected]

Make sure you include the names and emails of everyone who will be using the website. We will create their account on the back end and everyone will have their own login information.

How do I update my payment information?2017-09-01T20:53:19-04:00
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the footer section and click on ” Manage Subscription”.
  2. On the subscription section click on the “Update billing details” button.
  3. A new pop up will appear. Enter your new card, click on update and you will be all set.


How do I give credit to using the images on my product?2017-06-12T15:00:24-04:00

You can give credit in two ways: On the description of your product or on the first page of the worksheet ( if it is a worksheet). Credit should be as follows: This product was created using Smarty Symbols Images. All rights reserved, 2011-2015. You can also download our image buttons and place them on your documents. Here is the link:

Am I able to create products for sale using these graphics?2017-06-12T14:59:24-04:00

You are indeed! We offer both commercial and non-commercial subscriptions. If you plan to create materials to sell at the EtSy or TPT websites or use these images for any purpose other than personal use you will need to sign up for a commercial license. The license gives you access to the website as well as the rights to use these images to create your products and make some money with it!

Am I allowed to combine clipart images in one image to create a new image? For example, I want to create the idea of ” eat banana”, can I use the image for eat + image for banana to create a new one?2017-06-12T14:57:16-04:00

Absolutely. You can combine images to create new images. However, Smarty Symbols is still the owner of the copyrights of the new images.

How do I cancel my subscription?2018-11-13T10:20:38-04:00

If you need to cancel your subscription all you have to do is login to you account. Once you are logged in you will scrolls down to the end of the page and click on ” Manage Subscription”. Once you are there click on ” cancel subscription”. Your subscription will be canceled. You will be able to access your account and use the website until 30 days since your last payment.

If I sign up for a commercial subscription and create products for the TPT store, do I have to stop selling my products when my subscription expires?2017-06-12T14:47:34-04:00

No. Unless your subscription is revoked for another reason, you may continue selling the products you created when your subscription was active. When you sign up for the commercial license, you are allowed to use the images to create products such as worksheets. When you create the worksheet and post it on a website you must have an active subscription. If you cancel your subscription you may no longer create new products, even if you have the images on your computer. However, you can continue to sell the products posted for sale while your subscription was active. We are here to provide the support you need to create amazing materials for your children and students, however we want to avoid people subscribing for the first month downloading several images, canceling the subscription and continue to create new products indefinitely. If you have any questions you may contact us.

Do you guys offer a group subscription?2017-06-12T14:46:22-04:00

Yes we do! We love working with educational institutions and making our subscription service available to every teacher in the world. The best part is that you will get a discount based on the total number of users. If you are interested in giving your staff access to our subscription service, please contact us today at [email protected]

We are able to access purchase order and send out estimates.

I spent have been paying for my subscription month-by-month and I already spent the same as the yearly cost on it. Can I now get the yearly non-commercial for free?2022-06-22T11:54:38-04:00

No. While this question may sound silly to some, we have had a few people ask this question from us.  That’s why we wanted to clarify that subscription websites offer quite a discount for people who decide to pre-pay for the services. You actually save 50% on the cost when you pre-pay. When you make the decision to pay month by month, you do not get to switch to yearly subscription for free simply because you have paid the same amount you would have paid initially if you decided to PREPAY for the subscription. If you PREPAID for the whole year, congratulations you have saved a lot. The good news is that you can always start saving now!

How do I upgrade from monthly to yearly?2017-06-12T14:38:02-04:00

We offer a great discount for trusting and signing up for the yearly membership. This means that people who decide BEFORE signing up that they want a discount they select the yearly discount and simply save a lot. However, if you were not sure if you wanted to stay for a whole year, you probably chose the most expensive option which is the pay month by month option. If you end up loving our website and deciding to pre-pay for the year, you must cancel your subscription and re-subscribe by selecting the yearly option payment.

The monthly payment DOES NOT count towards the yearly payment. Let’s say you already spent $18 paying for two months, if you decide to switch to the yearly plan, you will still pay $45 for the new year which starts the date you re-subscribe for a new account.

We do not offer refunds based on the fact that you changed your mind and decided to select a NEW PLAN ( the yearly plan in the case).

How do I download images from the website?2017-06-12T14:35:08-04:00

We have created a video to show you how to download images from our website. You can access the page here:

Will I be able to access my subscription from multiple computers?2017-06-12T14:24:48-04:00

Yes. Once you create an account with us, you can logon using your username ( email address) and password to login from your home computer or your school computer. As long as you have Internet access you will not have a problem using our websites from multiple locations. However, you are not allowed to share your login information with others. Each subscription is individual and should not be shared between staff members.

How do I use this website?2017-06-12T14:22:36-04:00

The Smarty Symbols Website includes three main sections:

Download Hub: Allows you to search and download each individual image to use for creating other projects in your computer with other programs such as Boardmaker, Microsoft Word, Power Point, or on a website.

Printing Center: Allows you access to a web program to search images, place them on specific cells and create the document with various images before downloading a document file to print.

Activity Library: Allows you to access your previous work as well as the works of other users.

How does the Smarty Symbols website work?2022-07-27T19:05:52-04:00

We intended to create this website as a go to place for all sorts of educational graphics. If people are looking for illustrations for their school project, or for creating materials for their students our website is the perfect solution. Once you subscribe to our service, you will have access to over 35 thousand illustrations organized by categories that are typically needed within educational settings such as animals, fruits, vegetables, social studies, geography, etc.

You will be able to select the size of the images you want to download and tap on the download button to download them. All images are provided to you with a transparent background. This way it will look great on any of your PowerPoint presentations or printed materials.

Once you subscribe to our service you can download as many images per day as you would like, we do not restrict you at all!