Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-11-13T10:19:29-04:00
Can I upload a resource for free on Telehealth Platforms?2021-02-11T17:18:56-04:00

When you create a resource on Smarty Symbols, you are free to use this resource only with your students. Uploading and sharing the pdf or individual images with your colleagues on tele heath platforms so that they can use with their own students is strictly prohibited. Each clinician must own their own access to Smart Symbols.

Can I use Smarty Symbols to create boom cards?2021-02-10T19:57:32-04:00

Depends. If you area an established TPT seller (with at least a ten productions for sale), you may obtain a commercial license from us first. A separate contract is required to allow you to post a boom learning production for sale. You may NOT upload our images on boom learning without an active TPT seller license and an executed contract. However, you must contact our team for more details: [email protected]

How do I change the text on the printing center?2017-10-10T11:57:10-04:00

Once you add the image to the cell, you can click on the image to make any edits. You can also change the text or completely remove it by clicking on the text to edit it:



I requested images, why can I not find my requested images?2017-09-27T04:23:19-04:00
We love receiving requests for new images. However, we are not a custom image design company. As you can imagine this would cost a lot per image. What we do is to fill the gap in our vocabulary ( if we don’t actually have a representation for that image) so that everyone can express themselves in ev