The Smarty Symbols image collection was created in 2011 to give power to those who need images and symbols to learn, communicate and navigate the world around them. Over the last three years we have built a collection of educational and communication images that contains over 21000 images. We are still creating new images daily and we aim to build the most comprehensive and modern library of symbols on the market and to provide a up-to-date vocabulary that reflects today’s society.

Smarty Symbols was created by Barbara Fernandes, a licensed speech-language pathologist based in the US. The Smarty Symbols collection has been used by many app developers, online therapy service companies, school districts as well as by hundreds of  Teachers Pay Teachers  to create materials for their store. Over the last several years we have been proud to help make many projects come to life by providing the most clear and comprehensive set of images to their projects. Smarty Symbols have also been used to help many children communicate via several communication apps and software on the market.

In 2014, Barbara and Jonathan Fernandes decided to found a company, Smarty Symbols LLC, and expand the reach of the Smarty Symbols library by allowing everyone a chance to use these symbols. The goals is to reach teachers, parents and children by allowing anyone to subscribe to our library and download images to use in classroom or home projects.

Parents and educators wishing to create a product for personal use can now sign up for our standard license and download any of our images.

We also offer commercial licenses. The image set is now available to be licensed to anyone wishing to create materials for sale. App developers, educators on the Teacher Pay Teachers website, or companies  around the world now can enjoy the convenience of adorable images for their projects. Smarty Symbols are already present in several apps on the app store, bringing a modern, universal and diverse symbol set for all. Our team will continue to update our library, which will grow daily and soon it will become the most comprehensive symbol set available.

Smarty Symbols has a modern, up-to-date, comprehensive and very transparent library. Vocabulary is organized into semantic and meaningful categories (such as food, animals, fruits, drinks, communication, expressions, and colors) and can be easily retrieved by the user. It features a low frequency vocabulary that cannot be found on competitors’ symbol sets such as adult intimacy, college life, employment, and Internet and social media vocabulary. Smarty Symbols is also currently being translated into Spanish and Portuguese. Smarty Symbols will play a vital role in the communicative experience of children, teens, and adults with disabilities.