All Voices, Any Place

An Initiative Making Every Voice Heard, Anywhere, Anytime

The Vision

Our goal is to make public spaces more communication-friendly and to empower non-speaking individuals everywhere.

At Smarty Symbols, we believe that communication is not just a skill—it’s a fundamental human right. Yet, we recognize that not everyone has equal access to communication methods and tools. This forms the core philosophy behind our “All Voices, Any Place” initiative. This initiative has two primary objectives:

  • Making Public Spaces More Inclusive
  • Early Access to Communication Systems

Goal #1

Public Access: Placing Communication Boards in Public Spaces

For many non-speaking individuals, especially children, public spaces like parks, schools, and libraries can feel isolating and inaccessible. Traditional communication systems  are a rare occurrence in the places. Just like ramps, we advocate for communication access everywhere.

  • Spearheaded by Smarty Symbols

  • Increase Awareness of Different Forms of Communication

  • Over 250 Communication Boards manufactured

Goal #2

Supporting Early Access to Speech-Generating Systems

The Challenge: Early intervention can be crucial for children who are non-speaking, yet many families either aren’t aware of AAC systems or don’t have immediate access to them. This delays the child’s communication development, potentially leading to long-term setbacks.

The Solution

A Groundbreaking Collaboration

In a unique collaboration with Smarty Ears, we have gone beyond just promoting existing solutions. Smarty Ears has specifically designed a new AAC app, called Expressive Go, as a cornerstone of the “All Voices, Any Place” initiative.

Free Access to a Speech-Generating App

The Expressive Go app serves as a comprehensive introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. Available for free, the app aims to remove financial barriers and encourage early adoption of AAC systems for non-speaking individuals and their families.

First Exposure to AAC

For many families visiting playgrounds equipped with our communication boards, this will be their first-ever exposure to speech-generating devices. This opens up a new world of possibilities for effective communication and early intervention.

QR Codes on Communication Boards

We are adding a new feature to all Smarty Symbols Communication Boards — a QR code that links directly to the free Expressive Go app. This means that any family interacting with our communication boards can instantly download a speaking version of the board they are using, thus taking the first steps toward leveraging AAC systems.