Visual Support for Occupational Therapists

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Visual Support Designer for Occupational Therapists

Using Visual Support when helping students practice a skill can impact how well the child understand the task, the steps to complete the tasks and the expectation while completing the task.

Did you know that at least 65% of students are visual learners? Those are students whose preferred learning mode is visual. Nonetheless, visuals will increase comprehension to all learners.

If we know that using visuals when working with kids on their next fine motor practice activity, instead of just providing them with verbal instructions can be they key, why isn’t everyone doing this? The answer is simple: It takes a lot of time to prepare for activities.

That’s why we end up using ready made materials. These ready made materials may or may not include visuals.

Too Busy for Creating Visuals?

Let’s face it: Educators have been spending a lot of their personal time working to create the next lesson or activity for their students.

Wouldn’t it be great if a platform would allow you to easily access ready made materials made by other occupational therapists or even better: Make is easy to create or customize your own materials?

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Standard Access

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