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Playground Communication Boards have become an important accessibility and awareness tool within our communities. Speech-Language pathologists, families, or community organizers have become active advocates to ensure communication accessibility for children at the school or community playground. We understand that there are several steps to making this a reality at any given community area and we want to help you along the way. In order to bring communication, inclusion and promote awareness Smarty Symbols has started our new Community Display Design Initiative.

The Anatomy of a Smarty Symbols Communication Board

Meet our Communication Boards

Community Playground Boards:

  1. Playgrounds Communication Boards: 

These boards are designed with vocabulary related to playground activities.

Board 1: English Only Community Playground Vocabulary

Board 2: English Only Symbols + English/Spanish Instructions Community Playground Vocabulary

Board 3 : Fully Bilingual Community Playground Vocabulary ( Spanish & English)

What texts are on the signs?

  • Point to the symbols/words while you talk. It will help your child develop and expand language.

    Señale los símbolos/palabras mientras habla. Ayudará a su hijo a desarrollar y ampliar el lenguaje.

  • If your child points to a particular picture, say the meaning of that picture out loud. For example: If your child points to the “cold” picture. Your could ask “Oh! Are you cold?” Or you could make a comment: ” Thats’ right! It is a cold day!”. Have fun!

    Si su hijo/a señala una imagen en particular, diga el significado de esa imagen en voz alta. Por ejemplo: si su hijo/a señala la imagen “frío”. Tu podrías preguntar “¡Oh! ¿Tienes frío?” O podrías hacer un comentario: “¡Así es! ¡Es un día frío!”. ¡Diviértete!

  • Are you concerned about your child’s speech, language or communication? You don’t have to wait. Contact an Early Childhood Center (ECI) or your public school district for an evaluation.

    ¿Le preocupa el habla, el lenguaje o la comunicación de su hijo? No tienes que esperar. Comuníquese con un Centro de Primera Infancia (ECI) o su distrito escolar público para una evaluación.

2. School Outdoors Communication Boards:

These boards are designed specifically for outdoor areas of schools. We have included vocabulary words that are more pertinent to this location.

Board 4: English Only School Playground Vocabulary

Board 5: English Only Symbols + English/Spanish Instructions School Playground Vocabulary

Board 5 : Fully Bilingual School Playground Vocabulary ( Spanish & English)

What texts are on the signs?

  • Teachers: Let’s help normalize the use of this communication board. Children can learn new vocabulary, combine tapping on images to make phrases, and use it to interact with you and their peers. If you are concerned about your student’s speech and language, chat with the speech-language pathologist.

    Maestros: Ayudemos a normalizar el uso de este tablero de comunicación. Los niños pueden aprender vocabulario nuevo, combinar el toque en las imágenes para formar frases y usarlo para interactuar con usted y sus compañeros.

  • Kids: This is a board that can be used to communicate with your friends. Point to the picture to show what you mean. When a friend points to it, you can read it outloud and respond using your speech or by pointing to another picture. 

    Niños: este es un tablero que se puede usar para comunicarse con tus amigos. Señale la imagen para mostrar lo que quiere decir. Cuando un amigo lo señala, puedes leerlo en voz alta y responder usando tu voz o señalando otra imagen.

  • Be creative! Have fun! How many different ways of using symbols to communicate can you think of? Invite new friends to play or join in a play with a new friend. All forms of communication matter!

    ¡Ser creativo! ¡Diviértete! ¿Cuántas maneras diferentes de usar símbolos para comunicarse se te ocurren? Invita a nuevos amigos a jugar o únete a un juego con un nuevo amigo. ¡Todas las formas de comunicación importan!

Material Options:

  • Plastic: Durable plastic signs printed with UV ink on 3MM or 6MM PVC plastic (sintra). Long-lasting signs for indoor or outdoor use! Estimated Lifespan:5+ years with proper placement and care

  • Wooden: Weather resistant wooden signs printed using a four-color UV printing process on high-density fiberboard. Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink. .5” thick (about the thickness of 127 sheets of copy paper)

    Estimated Lifespan:5+ years with proper placement and care

What sizes are available?

  • Medium ( 27×18 inches) Wood: $1300, Plastic: $1200 (Includes Shipping)

  • Large (36 x 24 inches) Wood: $1550, Plastic: $1450 (Includes Shipping)

  • X-Large (45 x30 inches) Wood: $1840 Plastic: $1740 (May include shipping)

Fully Custom Playground Communication Board

Large Plastic Board (36x24)

School Indoor Communication Boards:

  1. Indoor School Boards: 

These boards are designed with a generic core vocabulary and a few words related to school setting. This board can be used in hallways, classrooms and speech therapy rooms.

Board 7: English Only School Core Board

(112 Words)

  • Plastic: Durable plastic signs printed with UV ink on 3MM or 6MM PVC plastic (sintra). Long-lasting signs for indoor or outdoor use! Estimated Outdoor Lifespan:5+ years with proper placement and care

  • Aluminum: Durable aluminum signs printed with vibrant UV ink on a 2mm epanel material. Available in just about any size or shape. Serves great for any business, real estate or private use. This material is recommended for indoor use only.

  • Medium ( 27×18 inches)  6MM Plastic: $1200 (Includes Shipping) 2MM Aluminum $1000

  • Large (36 x 24 inches) 6MM Plastic: $1450 (Includes Shipping)- 2MM Aluminum $1150

  • X-Large (45 x30 inches) 6MM Plastic: $1740 (Includes Shipping) – 2MM Aluminum $1340

What if I want to create a communication board for other community locations such as a church, waterpark, museum, etc?2022-04-13T16:39:55-04:00

We have started designing communication boards with vocabulary to better serve all public spaces. Contact us and we would be happy to work with you on a design for your community.

What is the typical turnaround for a communication board production?2022-07-27T16:50:13-04:00

If you are ordering a sign without any special customizations, we will begin production of the sign within 24 hours. Your sign should be mailed to you within 4 to 5 (weekdays). Shipping timelines will depend on your location. If you will be adding any logos, production time will start within 48 hours from when we receive the high resolution image of the logos you would like to include on the board. “In the case of customizing vocabulary with vocabulary” If you are customizing vocabulary within the Smarty Symbols library, you will receive the symbol options within 48 hours to approve and design will begin shortly after.

Do you guys accept purchase orders for your community displays?2022-07-27T16:54:05-04:00


We accept purchase orders. You can email your purchase order to us. Once we receive your purchase order, we will generate an invoice which must be paid before we can produce your sign

Do you guys work with Custom Orders?2022-04-13T16:26:20-04:00

Yes! We would be more than happy to provide you with a custom design for community communication board project. Customization can include: Drawing a brand new icon to match a specific playground item, or vocabulary in your community. We can also customize the text box areas with custom text. Default customizations which can be easily added without contacting our team includes: Adding a logo for community sponsors, city and state in which your board will be located. Let us work on your next community communication display. Contact our team at [email protected] for more details.

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