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How to automatically translate visual supports to other languages?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to create a resource in your native language, then have it available automatically in 8 different languages? We are so proud to have introduced one incredible feature on our platform: The ability to automatically translate your visual support resource into eight different languages. Now you can search for the images, drag and drop them in place and click our translate button to have the text automatically translated. We have hired a team of bilingual [...]

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What are Social Stories and How does it Benefit a Child with Autism?

As parents, we use casual expressions with children that are mostly of a different nature: "quiet sound", "don't touch" and "play nicely". But what do these sentences really mean for an autistic child? Social situations and all the expected behaviors that accompany them are difficult for autistic children, and "playing nice" simply does not provide all the information the child needs to respond properly. Fortunately, the concept of social stories was devised by Carol Gray in 1991, and [...]

Free coronavirus social stories downloads

The Coronavirus outbreak is impacting all of us. Our routines have changed, the way we shop, interact and even how we go about our day has changed. If adults all over the world are struggling, children are even more susceptible to these changes. Social stories can help children talk about the situation, and give adults a chance to support children's feelings and make sense of the changes in their routine. We will be creating a variety of social [...]

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Free Core Board Download

We have created this incredible core vocabulary visual support that includes Smarty Symbols. You can download and use as you need with your students or your own child. To download, simply tap on the image below and you will be redirected to a page to download a pdf file which you can print. On our website you can access the images use to create this board and other 23,000 images. You can create custom materials in less than [...]

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Speak for Yourself updated symbols key

If you are looking for a large printout of the arrangement of Smarty Symbols on the AAC app Speak for Yourself, you have come to the right place! Smarty Symbols is the symbol of choice on the Speak for Yourself app for iPad. We have prepared a pdf. file that you can download and print for yourself to use as a companion to the app and also to use and find symbols on our website. HOW TO USE [...]

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Tips for making money on Teachers Pay Teachers

If you have just recently opened your Teachers Pay Teachers store this post if for you. You have already taken the step to decide to share your creation with the world and why not make some money with it? Teachers Pay Teachers has become a leader in the market of materials for teachers by teachers. You may be feeling a little discouraged and not yet seeing the return on the time invested and I wanted to give you [...]

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Ten free downloadable activities for speech therapy

Click here to download the file Did you like this download? You can create your own materials by joining thousands of other special education professionals with a Smarty Symbol membership. You will be able to create and customize your own activities for a very low yearly cost. Unlimited Daily Download of 21000 images Access the printing Center and Download Use images and materials with your students Sign me up! [...]

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Autism, Speech Therapy, and Early Intervention

A new government survey of parents suggests that 1 in 45 children, ages 3 through 17, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Ideally, these children would be diagnosed and begin receiving treatment as early as possible. Early intervention is key when you’re talking about autism. Kids with ADS often have speech delays and communication issues that can prevent them from achieving the same milestones as their peers. Speech therapy services can give these children tools to navigate the [...]

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What is a social Story and how they can help children with Autism

Social stories are a great way to help kids with autism spectrum disorder. They are a simple and effective way to help kids to learn proper behaviors and what is expected of them. Many kids with autism use visuals to communicate. Social stories use visuals to tell a story. Think of it as a “how-to” for behaviors. People with autism often misunderstand or don’t pick up on social cues like facial expressions or gestures and they may not [...]

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The Best Activity to Target Every Goal on Your Caseload

by Jill Shook We've all been there: after 280173 iterations of your therapy schedule, you still have a lot of mixed groups. What to do when you have little Johnny working on prepositions, little Suzy working on past tense verbs, and little Kimmy working on /r/? Enter my secret weapon: interactive books! Here's how I use them to target every goal on my caseload: Research has shown that incorporating movement into learning is the best way to engage [...]

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