Creative ideas to use visual support in speech therapy

Welcome to our special showcase of the comprehensive training session by Miranda on utilizing Smarty Symbols Studio for therapy and education. If you couldn’t tune in live, we’ve got your back. Dive in to grasp the depth of tools and techniques that this platform offers.

Miranda, an experienced Speech Language Specialist with an expertise in Assistive Technology, presented an in-depth overview of Smarty Symbols Studio. With over 35,000 images, an array of pre-made activities, and a vibrant community of resources, Miranda emphasizes how this platform can transform therapy sessions.

Elevating Therapy with Visual Supports: Miranda began by introducing us to the vast library that is Smarty Symbols Studio. With a whopping 35,000 images and an array of ready-made activities, she showcased how this digital arsenal can be tailored perfectly for therapy sessions, allowing therapists to design impactful visual aids.

The Sensory Bins Revelation: One of the standout moments was exploring the custom visual supports for sensory bins. Miranda demonstrated how visuals can be seamlessly integrated to teach vocabulary or guide students in sensory activities. She even shared her own hack – using drawers and flower vases for organizing and storing visuals!

Digital Activities: In-Person & Virtual: Miranda delved into the versatility of Smarty Symbols Studio in crafting activities that cater to both in-person and online settings. From a feeding game to a unique flashlight/magnifying glass game, her examples illuminated the platform’s versatility.

Beyond Static Visuals – Enter Google Slides: What happens when you combine Google Slides with Smarty Symbols Studio? Miranda answered this with a flourish, presenting interactive games like the “taco-eating dragon” that aren’t just engaging, but educational too.

Animations, Games & More: But Smarty Symbols Studio isn’t just about static images. Miranda introduced us to the world of animated visuals. With features allowing for animations such as zooming, fading, and spinning, she emphasized how they add dynamism to sessions, making learning genuinely enjoyable.

Crafting for Teletherapy: Miranda also touched upon how the platform can aid in crafting materials for teletherapy – a pertinent topic in today’s digital age. With templates and green screen backgrounds, therapists can find tools to stay relevant and impactful.

A Commitment to Support: Wrapping up the session, Miranda reaffirmed the commitment of both Smarty Symbols Studio and Smarty Ears Online to aid educators. From webinars to workshops, they aim to ensure that every educator is equipped to harness the power of visual supports.

Check out this webinar by Speech-Language Pathologist Miranda Van Dunk:

The webinar was more than just a training session; it was a testament to the transformative power of the right tools in therapy and education. We’re grateful to Miranda for the insights and to all attendees who made the webinar a success.

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