Slide1Meet Alyssa Zimini, a Severe Special Education Teacher from Massachusetts. She has been creating and blogging for a little over a year now. She has
always loved special education and always knew that she would be working with this population since she was a little girl. She started out my journey with a Communication Disorders undergrad degree and got her masters in severe disabilities soon after. We love that she works in the classroom every day with communication in mind! Alyssa is the teacher behind Simply Special Ed and it is our pleasure to feature her on our blog today.

Name of Blog/Topic of Blog: Simply Special Ed

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We asked Alyssa a few questions and we are very happy to share her answers with you:

Q1.What is the most popular product you have created and why do you think it is so popular? 

Simply special EDMy most popular product is definitely my Comprehension for the Beginning Reader: Picture Comprehension. I love using smarty symbols for picture supports in this product. I created this product because I had difficulty finding comprehension practice for my lower level learners. These are perfect for targeting wh question goals! My students have responded so well to them! My readers have loved them so much they have requested more- so I also started a seasonal growing bundle! Comprehension is so important to our kiddos- it is a life skill that they NEED!

Q2.Where do you get inspiration for creating activities?

A lot of my inspiration comes from the needs of my students. I’ll be sitting with a student watching them struggle with something and come up with an idea in my head for a product on the spot. I sometimes jot ideas on my hands or data sheets throughout the day!

Q3.What is your favorite item you’ve made with Smarty Symbols?

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.48.48 AMMy favorite item that I have made with smarty symbols is definitely my Visual Keychain! I love the bright colors and how quickly my students started responding to the new symbols. I literally could not survive a day without it! I make one for all of my paraprofessionals and specialists each year! This keeps things consistent throughout the day!

A close second is definitely my home school communication sheets! These making communicating with parents so quick and easy during a hectic workday! I updated this product with smarty symbols this year and I LOVE the new look!

Q4.How has Smarty Symbols impacted the way you create your materials?

Smarty symbols has added so much to my products this year. The symbols are easy to locate and drag right into my powerpoint files as I am creating. My students have responded so well to the symbols!

Q5. What is your favorite item you’ve seen someone else make with Smarty Symbols? 

I love Mrs. D’s Corners Adapted Calendar Books! They are so functional for students with disabilities and are great for reviewing some important life skills every morning!