We are so happy that you are planning to use Smarty Symbols on your TPT Product or maybe you are already using it. The Symbols on our website are all protected by multiple copyright registrations by Smarty Symbols, LLC. Smarty Symbols is a Texas based company with business office registered in Dallas, Texas.


In order to use our images on any TPT product you MUST have an active Commercial License with Smarty Symbols purchased via our website on www.smartysymbols.com . The subscriptions are auto-renewable, unless you actively manage your account and cancel your subscription.


One you purchase a subscription using our commercial license, you are allowed to create any digital educational resources and make them available for free or online on websites such as Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy or any other. The files must be secured on a PDF. File.


Each subscription allows you to post materials for sale on the website you have listed on your profile, and you may not share your password and/or downloaded images with anyone else. You are not allowed to re-sell any of the images without being attached to a pdf file or product on your store.


You may use the images downloaded on our on your blog, however these images cannot be posted as a stand-alone image with any size higher than 400×400 pixels. If you plan to use any downloaded image as a stand-alone on your blog, please make sure to re-size the image. We do this to avoid people inadvertently downloading the image from your blog and using it without our consent.




You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please be aware that your subscription is not only a way to access the images, but also a way to be able to post NEW product or EDIT existing products using our images. Once you cancel your subscription with us, you no longer have a license to publish any NEW products o to EDIT existing products that did not contain our images.


You may still continue to sell your existing products ALREADY POSTED using Smarty Symbols on the TPT store. However, you MAY NOT create any new products. If you are taking a year break from TPT, you may cancel your subscription with us, but if you decide to resume creating materials, you MUST re-activate your account.


We STRONGLY recommend that if you decide to cancel your subscription, that you delete any downloaded images from your computer to avoid any accidental use of our images without an active subscription.


We believe that we offer an amazing service to you, by allowing you access to all images on day 1 of your subscription and by having no limits on the number of images that can be downloaded per day. However, we have to protect our property and avoid people who subscribe for a couple months, download thousands of images and plans to spend a lifetime creating products using our images for a fraction of the cost of buying and licensing thousands of images. We do not believe this would be fair to anyone in the industry or to other subscribers.


Once you subscribe with us we will follow your account on TPT and we will help promote any new products using our images. This also means that we are always notified when/if anyone without an active license has posted any new products using our images.


Thank you so much for understanding our TOU for TPT sellers and for subscribing to Smarty Symbols.


Barbara Fernandes

Smarty Symbols Co-Founder