Individuals with autism often have difficulty adapting to changes in routines, transitioning, focusing on tasks, interacting socially, and expressing themselves.

Why should I use Visual Supports?

Individuals with autism think in a visual way and can easily recall visual images and memories. Using pictures for communication can help increase memory skills, social communication abilities, and understanding of the environment and community.

  • Pictures of routines/schedules may make transitioning easier because the individual can see what is happening now and what comes next.
  • Pictures can help an individual express themselves more easily.
  • Pictures relating to an individual’s environment provide opportunities for functional communication.
  • Pictures (in combination with written words) can help build language and vocabulary skills.
  • Picture communication provides a consistent way to communicate thoughts, feelings, wants, or needs which can help minimize behavioral problems.

How can I use images to make Visual Supports?

  • Create a First-Then Board to help the child understand what is happening now and what will happen next.
  • Provide Visual Schedules for both school and home routines
  • Create a Positive Reinforcement System
  • Provide a Choice Board so the child can easily decide what he/she would like to eat, play with, earn, etc.
  • Make flashcards to increase vocabulary, sort pictures into categories, identify/label nouns and verbs, and matching.
  • Create a Token Board