CALLING ALL SPECIAL EDUCATORS: Enter to win a Playground Communication Board for your School

Smarty Symbols will be giving a Large Playground Communication Board to a School in the United States Smarty Symbols has recently started an initiative to make playgrounds more inclusive around the world. We have a collection of beautifully designed communication boards for public display.  You can preview our boards here. Children should have access to a personal communication device, but making communication boards available in public areas can benefit not only the children [...]

What are Social Stories and How They Can Help Autistic Children

Social stories are a great way to help kids with autism spectrum disorder. They are a simple and effective way to help kids to learn proper behaviors and what is expected of them. Many kids with autism use visuals to communicate. Social stories use visuals to tell a story. Think of it as a “how-to” for behaviors. People with autism often misunderstand or don’t pick up on social cues like facial expressions or gestures and they may not [...]

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End the School Year on the Right Note

Has it been a rough year? Did not everything go quite as planned? Not to worry because I’m sure you’ve hear the expression: “It’s not about how you start its how you finish.” Memory is a funny thing and sometimes we remember just how things ended so much more clearly than how they began. Now is a moment that you can connect on a deeper level for one last time with students, teachers, parents by recognizing the best in them . Symbolic Certificates of Positive Qualities— It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, we all like to know what people like about us. I’vs seen variations of this activity work well with elementary, middle school and High school students; I’ve even seen it work with college students (really they can eat it up just like they were 5 again)

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