The Unspoken Revolution: Therapists and Educators Unite To Make Public Spaces More Inclusive For Non-Speaking Children

The Unspoken Revolution: Therapists and Educators Unite To Make Public Spaces More Inclusive For Non-Speaking Children This transformative vision aspires to create a ripple effect, originating in Boston but capable of affecting communities globally. Rather than merely departing with new insights [...]

Benefits of Smarty Symbols Studio for School Districts

Create an inclusive learning environment with over 30,000 diverse symbols. Streamline classroom preparation, foster consistency, and support professional development. Improve student outcomes and accommodate diverse learning styles. Compliant with accessibility standards, backed by responsive support. Join hundreds of districts and unlock the potential of visual supports to empower every student!

The Power of Visual Learning: How Smarty Symbols Studio Enhances Special Education

Explore the power of visual learning in special education and how it aids in simplifying complex concepts, supporting communication, enhancing memory retention, and increasing engagement. This blog post introduces you to the versatility and convenience of Smarty Symbols Studio, a platform dedicated to creating diverse, personalized, and engaging visual materials. Experience our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, as we continuously work towards creating a symbol library that truly reflects the diverse world we live in. Join us in this journey of facilitating inclusive education with Smarty Symbols Studio.

Why Every Elementary School Teacher needs access to Visual Support

Visual support uses visual items like pictures and signs to enhance communication, especially in education settings. Many people, including 65% of the population, benefit from visual aids in learning. These aids assist in clarifying instructions, supporting dyslexic students, and elucidating language nuances. Tools like Smarty Symbols offer a vast array of images for teachers, fostering a richer, more inclusive learning environment.

36 Location Board with Smarty Symbols: Free Download

Dive into the vibrant world of communication with our FREE 36 Location Board, enriched with the beloved Smarty Symbols imagery. Don't miss out on this unique tool, designed to amplify voices and bridge communication gaps. Download now and explore the power of core vocabulary, Smarty Symbols style!

Speak for Yourself updated symbols key

Dive into the world of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) with our comprehensive guide to using the Smarty Symbols library on the Speak for Yourself iPad app. We offer a helpful PDF, showing you how to leverage this tool for impactful communication support. Explore key differences in symbol naming and updates, ensuring a seamless experience as you search and utilize the symbols within our ever-evolving library. Your journey to enhanced communication starts here.

Free Weekly Parent-Teacher Communication System Sheet For Special Education

Free Weekly Parent-Teacher Communication System Sheet For Special Education In the dynamic world of special education, seamless communication between teachers and parents is foundational. With diverse learning needs, it's essential that educators have an efficient way to relay day-to-day student experiences, [...]

The female representation in symbol support for Autism

The female representation in symbol support for Autism In the realm of special education, symbol support plays a crucial role in aiding students with special needs to learn, communicate, and navigate daily tasks. For years, these symbols have predominantly been represented [...]

End the School Year on the Right Note

Has it been a rough year? Did not everything go quite as planned? Not to worry because I’m sure you’ve hear the expression: “It’s not about how you start its how you finish.” Memory is a funny thing and sometimes we remember just how things ended so much more clearly than how they began. Now is a moment that you can connect on a deeper level for one last time with students, teachers, parents by recognizing the best in them . Symbolic Certificates of Positive Qualities— It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, we all like to know what people like about us. I’vs seen variations of this activity work well with elementary, middle school and High school students; I’ve even seen it work with college students (really they can eat it up just like they were 5 again)

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