Make Your Mark on TPT: Essential Tips for a Thriving Store

Stepping into the world of Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) can be both exciting and overwhelming. With a sea of educators sharing their resources, how do you make your store stand out and ensure that your creations get the visibility they deserve? If you’ve recently opened your TPT store or are considering it, this post provides essential strategies to not only enhance your store but also to boost your sales and expand your reach.

If you have just recently opened your Teachers Pay Teachers store this post if for you. You have already taken the step to decide to share your creation with the world and why not make some money with it? Teachers Pay Teachers has become a leader in the market of materials for teachers by teachers. You may be feeling a little discouraged and not yet seeing the return on the time invested and I wanted to give you some tips on growing your store and building an incredible set of resources that everyone will love.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Put effort on your cover image

Last year I attended a teachers pay teachers conference and I learned so much. One of the things that I learned was to put a lot of effort on the image you will make as the cover for your product. Look around other teacher authors ( not to copy their stuff) but pay attention to how much effort they put into their product cover. Many print out the material, take photos, add text, and make it interesting for others. This is a step you don’t want to pass.

2. Get a Smarty Symbols subscription

You have lots of ideas for products but some times you may lack two things: Time to create them, and images to add to the product. Smarty Symbols offers a subscription based website which allows you to purchase a license to use the images on TPT products. Smarty Symbols has over twenty two thousand images available for you to download in high resolution. Subscription start at around $24/month. This is a worthy investment for you who is hoping to create products and don’t want to spend a fortune buying small packages of images. It will give you freedom to create anything you can dream. Smarty Symbols even helps to promote your product online after you create a product using Smarty Symbols.

3. Create products people want to buy

Many times we may tend to duel on creating products that are “ missing”. If you think about it, there are thousands of materials on TPT, the odds that you will create something someone has not yet done who would actually be appealing to others is small. Instead focus on creating products that would be be popular, make it your own style, use your creativity to create something that is not so niche that only 4 other people besides you would buy.

3. Attend a Teachers Pay Teachers conference

Every year TPT puts a conference and it is designed to help you learn to create better products and to market yourself better. You may see this as a big expense, but it will teach you the skills you need to get big and sell more.

4. Learn to market your product

Attending a TPT conference is a great way to learn some basic on marketing your product. Many times teacher authors open stores and think products will sell for themselves. The most successful TPT sellers I know spend hours a day only promoting their products on social media. Remember that after you create the product, spend time showcasing it everywhere.

5. Join online groups for teacher authors

There are hundreds of groups on Facebook for TPT sellers, join them all! You will meet great people, learn from more seasoned sellers and many times have an opportunity to post and advertise your new product.

Give your TPT Store a boost today!

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Doni Johnson


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