Benefits of Smarty Symbols Studio for School Districts

Create an inclusive learning environment with over 30,000 diverse symbols. Streamline classroom preparation, foster consistency, and support professional development. Improve student outcomes and accommodate diverse learning styles. Compliant with accessibility standards, backed by responsive support. Join hundreds of districts and unlock the potential of visual supports to empower every student!

AAC Myths Busted

AAC Myths Busted Communication is a fundamental human need, and yet, many misunderstand or are unaware of the avenues available for those who struggle with conventional modes of speaking. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) stands as a beacon of hope for [...]

Ataxia and Communication

Ataxia and Communication Ataxia, a term perhaps unfamiliar to many, is a medical condition that poses significant challenges to muscle control, affecting not just physical mobility but speech as well. As we delve deeper into the intricacies of this disorder, it [...]

How to Create a Custom Board Game

Who hates hearing someone say, “I’m bored”? it’s even worse in a group setting like a classroom, because attitudes can be contagious. Whether it’s adults or kids if one person starts complaining, soon you won’t have enough cheese to go around for all that “whine”. But seriously, our board games are simply divine. Wait…I mean your board games, because really it’s you who needs to create them, but we’ve got the perfect template and enormous amount of great symbols to fill the content. If you haven’t used Smarty Symbols “board game” template then…. YOU’RE MISSING OUT! Just click on the “printing center” button on the top blue bar. It will bring you to a new menu where you will select “from template”; find the “board game” template and press “apply”. You’re all set to create a masterpiece. We’ve got some great ideas to get you started:

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