Celebrating Innovation: Smarty Symbols Studio Named Finalist in The EdTech Awards 2024

Celebrating Innovation: Smarty Symbols Studio Named Finalist in The EdTech Awards 2024 Smarty Symbols Studio is excited to announce their selection as a finalist in the 2024 EdTech Awards for the second year in a row. Their technology that allows educators [...]

Benefits of Smarty Symbols Studio for School Districts

Create an inclusive learning environment with over 30,000 diverse symbols. Streamline classroom preparation, foster consistency, and support professional development. Improve student outcomes and accommodate diverse learning styles. Compliant with accessibility standards, backed by responsive support. Join hundreds of districts and unlock the potential of visual supports to empower every student!

Inclusive ABA Practices: Using Visual Supports to Foster Engagement and Participation

Welcome to the world of Inclusive ABA Practices, where visual supports unlock possibilities for every individual. Join Smarty Symbols Studio as we explore personalized communication boards, engaging social stories, and empowering visual schedules. With over 30,000 diverse symbols, let's celebrate the magic of visual supports and foster an inclusive learning environment for all.

Why Every Elementary School Teacher needs access to Visual Support

Visual support uses visual items like pictures and signs to enhance communication, especially in education settings. Many people, including 65% of the population, benefit from visual aids in learning. These aids assist in clarifying instructions, supporting dyslexic students, and elucidating language nuances. Tools like Smarty Symbols offer a vast array of images for teachers, fostering a richer, more inclusive learning environment.

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