Using symbol support with adults with acquired communication difficulties

Using symbol support with adults with acquired communication difficulties The aftermath of an acquired medical conditions can lead to some serious communication difficulties for those with established verbal communication. Adults who suffered a stroke or other head trauma can be left with some long term difficulties communicating in the same way they have been their entire life. This life changing event can effect not only their communication, but also their self esteem. According to R., Tamblyn, R., et al. (2008) “If [...]

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Are Communication Boards effective?

Communication boards have not only been shown to be effective at improving language ability in non-verbal persons, and reducing anxiety around communication. They have also been shown to be effective at ensuring higher levels of safety and satisfaction for non-verbal users.  User Safety In a pilot program at Stanford University Medical Center, implementation of communication whiteboards measurably improved non-verbal patients’ awareness of physician names, treatment goals and estimated discharge dates. Another experiment at York Hospital in York, Penn., [...]

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What are the benefits of a playground communication board?

What are the benefits of a playground communication board? Playgrounds are important for children’s physical and mental health. They let kids explore their surroundings, run around, and blow off some steam after a long day of school. For kids who have difficulty communicating or engaging with others, playgrounds can also be a great place to practice these skills. However, for non-verbal children practicing those skills can be challenging if their communication tools are not readily available.  One way [...]

Free Core Board Download

We have created this incredible core vocabulary visual support that includes Smarty Symbols. You can download and use as you need with your students or your own child. To download, simply tap on the image below and you will be redirected to a page to download a pdf file which you can print. On our website you can access the images use to create this board and other 31,000 images. You can create custom materials in less than [...]

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Speak for Yourself updated symbols key

If you are looking for a large printout of the arrangement of Smarty Symbols on the AAC app Speak for Yourself, you have come to the right place! Smarty Symbols is the symbol of choice on the Speak for Yourself app for iPad. We have prepared a pdf. file that you can download and print for yourself to use as a companion to the app and also to use and find symbols on our website. HOW TO USE [...]

Preparing for a natural disaster with Autism

When a disaster strikes children and adults with autism will need extra support and assistance. We are currently experiencing one of the worst disasters in Texas history with hurricane Harvey. Millions of people have lost their homes and are having to make plans for adjusting to a new normal after this natural disaster. If you have a child or a family member with Autism, you know that it can be extra important to take precautions, especially when it [...]